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Favorit is a Reddit replica that was created using Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML/ERB, Bootstrap, Basic user-interface design, Figaro, SendGrid, Sqlite3, Postgres, Gravatar, Shoulda, Rspec, Bcrypt, rails-controller-testing, Factory-Girl & Random Data to seed our database, MVC architecture, Object Relational Mapping, CRUD, validations, authentications, Git and finally Heroku for deployment.

Favorit Home Page

Favorit is an application in which users can log in and out, as well as having their Avatar image showing on their profile. A user can create posts, leave comments, up-vote and down-vote on comments and posts.

Favorit allows specific users to create new Topics, edit and delete Topics, Posts and comments.



You can check out the user friendly app @ Favorit App

or view Github